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Lazy Sunday

It started off a bit wet and windy here in Killeshandra this morning like a lot of the country but this afternoon was much brighter as the sun decided to show it’s face, but it didn’t stick around and the greyness returned.

So what have I been up to on this lazy Sunday? Not so much of the lying around doing nothing for me, not that I mind one bit. Like many crafters being idle is not in my nature even if it’s only popping into Facebook to say hi, fiddling with beads or shopping for crafts online. I have a million (maybe a slight over statement) unfinished projects I could get on with but instead I’ve been doing one of my favourite things and have just finalised the artwork on our latest batch of clear photopolymer stamps which should be making their debut in a couple of weeks.

We had a great time at the month end sale again, as always we got great interest in our newest products which we always showcase in the group first. I’ll be busy next week adding what’s left to the website, having already put in an order earlier today for some more goodies to refill the stock supplies. Choosing gorgeous supplies from trade catalogues is hardly a chore, the biggest problem is stopping…lol…see the crafty obsession doesn’t just apply to our customers the force is strong in me as well but I am tempted to buy for my own crafty stash as well as stock for our website so twice the urge to fill all available space with card making and jewellery making supplies.

There was a bit of non craft today when I caught up with television programmes recorded earlier in the week and of course time out for dinner and the odd cup of chai tea. I had 2 happy cats this morning too after giving each of them a much needed brush. I’m sure half the hair that I removed ended up stuck to me! I wonder if anyone crafts with pet hair? They enjoyed their pampering session so much that it wore them both out and they promptly nodded off afterwards. Oh what a glamorous life I lead.

Well it’s gone midnight now so Sunday is officially over and a new week has technically begun. There’ll be no monday morning blues for me though as I am very lucky to love what I do and having a big list of crafty jobs to do makes me very happy so roll on Monday. Yes sometimes I could do with a few more hours in the day but couldn’t we all?

So that was my Sunday, how about you? I’d love to hear your stories.

Until next time, happy crafting

Trish x