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Christmas Crafting For Kids (and especially teachers)

Nutcracker Marius A6 Stamp Set Project Sample

There comes a time at the end of the year, where teachers and parents need to be plugged into lots of Christmas crafting ideas.

I love using stamps for this type of crafting for this type of crafting for three reasons:

  1. Stamps are so versatile
  2. They save loads of money on buying stickers and other materials
  3. They are great for volumes – stamp one twice or thirty times.
  4. They never wear out so you can use them year after year.

I have put together a few ideas for you to try.  In doing so I have unleashed my inner seven-year-old.  I have put aside perfection and limited my supplies.  And most of all I have had fun.

  1. Bunting.

Nutcracker Marius A6 Stamp Set Project Sample

Bunting is still all the rage, and it is easy enough to do with scraps of card and paper.  Each child in a class can create their own flag, and colour it in with individuality.  I have used a glitter pen, but you can always break out the glitter pot.  All the bunting is easily strung together with alternating colours and patterns.

  1. Spot the difference

Nutcracker Marius A6 Stamp Set Project Sample

Stamps are truly versatile for this project.  The set I have used DCSA6C38 Nutcracker Marius actually contains two nutcracker stamps with a small difference.  I have added to this by erasing details from one stamp and adding details with a black pen to the final print out. Of course, these can be coloured in too.

  1. Card making.

Nutcracker Marius A6 Stamp Set Project Sample

These particular stamps are so versatile.  For a previous design team project, I made a cute card, which incorporated a bookmark.

Nutcracker Marius A6 Stamp Set Project Sample

  1. Shrink plastic.

One of my favourite materials.  Stamp out the images onto shrink plastic using waterproof ink.  Colour in, and then shrink.  It is easier to do this in an oven when you have a batch to handle.  These can be turned into fridge magnets, or if you punch a hole before shrinking, you can create jewellery or wine charms.

  1. Candles.

Stamp the image onto tissue paper and carefully colour in using felt tips.  An adult needs to handle the next step where the tissue paper is cut out and transferred onto a candle using heat.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas.  Please let us know if you try them and share with us on social media by tagging us @downlandcrafts and using #downlandcrafters.

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