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Crafting Up A Storm

Hello, it’s been so long since I last blogged so apologies for that but I have been crafting. I was beading some bats as well as designing some new stamps to add to our range. The beading came about because with storm Ophelia descending upon us on Monday, like many other people, we lost our electricity supply and it made me realise how utterly dependent we are on modern technology.

Storm Ophelia

Whilst I am creative I am not artistic so I usually design stamps on the laptop and that was fine until the battery died. Of course without power I couldn’t charge it up so got out some black and red seed beads and started working on a necklace design I came across a while ago. That was fine until it got too dark to see what I was doing and I had to abandon the project. Then I felt totally lost, what can I do now? I have no idea how people used to manage before electric lights, especially the ladies who used to make the most beautiful needlework pieces and tapestries by the light of a candle or sitting by the fire in a dark old house.

Beaded Bats Necklace

We were lucky and got our power back in just under 24 hours although we did lose it again briefly for about half an hour on Tuesday. The ESB did a fabulous job getting us up and running again so quickly. Sadly the internet and phone connection has been a little bit ‘iffy’ all week but luckily today it has only gone down a couple of times and very briefly so at least I got to answer emails, catch up with Facebook notifications, write a newsletter and do this blog post. There was also very little damage done around DC Land and apart from a fallen tree in the back field all is good.

Fallen Tree

Cooper didn’t seem to mind a few twigs and branches when I took him out for his walk, he seemed to think it was all very exciting and sniffed all around for ages. He was very good during the height of the storm too and only barked a couple of times when the letter box was flapping. All in all I think we got off very lightly and I only hope that storm Brian doesn’t cause too much trouble, especially to all the people in the south of the country many of who are still without power.


So what did you do during this stormy week? Let us know below, post on our Facebook page or join our Facebook customer group.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and happy crafting

Trish x